Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Swimmer: starring Gillian Pollhein

So, our Gilli decided to go out for swim team this year. Mostly, I think, because her friend Hannah was on the team, but for whatever reason, she decided to try and she's doing really well!
Not being an athlete myself, I am very impressed with her tenacity and talent.

We just think she's pretty cool!  Considering this is her first year on the team, she is doing pretty well!. We are very proud of her.  She isn't  nervous at all. Or even the least bit winded when she's done. I think she is amazing and her father concurs with my conclusion! So you know it's true.


TravelDiva said...

What do we doooooah? Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...*humming*! SWIM GILLI SWIM

Diane said...

Don't you love to see your child so involved and passionate about a sport? Your encouragement and involvement means the world, too, and she'll always remember your support. This is great!