Friday, October 29, 2010

a sad farewell to a friend

Life's Eternal Song
I hold you 'till Life's Breath is gone
I cry for all I'm worth
Even though I know we share a memory
Of you and I on Earth.
As I sit upon the windowsill
Looking out into the rain
There's still a brightness in the sky
That clears away the pain
As I look into the Heavens
I feel that you are gone
But I know that you are there with God
Singing Life's Eternal Song

-By: Rachel Schlow, age 10

Yesterday we lost our little Jasper. Well, he wasn't that little anymore! He turned out to be a good sized cat, considering he started out life an abandoned runt.
He was our friendliest cat. He was silly too. Lately he had taken to hanging from the screen door and peering into the kitchen. It was kind of creepy to be standing at the sink doing dishes and then, when you turn around, there's a huge pair of green eyes staring at you from outside!
Good bye Jas....we miss you so!


shirley said...

Oh Terri,
I'm so sorry you lost your beloved pet. It is so sad. We lost two fish this week and another is on the way out unless the treatment Butch did works. Time will tell.
Did Jasper die from old age?

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Beautiful poem, honey. It captures the sweetness and sadness of the moment. I love you.

Katy said...

Oh I am so sorry about your loss. It truly is like losing a family member. *hugs*

Thank you for you comment on my blog! I love your blog!!

Diane said...

I am so sorry. Each and every pet adds something very special to our lives. We learn from them, don't we? What a beautiful poem.

Michelle said...

so sorry for the loss of your precious cat :( Sending you some hugs.