Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just stuff....

So, how are you doing this wet autumn Saturday?  It's been rather a long week, hasn't it? And chilly too! I can't seem to get warm these days. I finally turned on the furnace. Maybe it's time for the coal stove as well!
I have found many a bargain this week! First, on  Monday, I took my trash to the dump like I always do. There, sitting by the worker's shed, were to off the prettiest bamboo and rattan chairs I'd ever seen. When I asked Les about them, he asked me if I wanted them!!! Hmmmmm YES!!!!  Les is like me, he can't stand seeing something thrown away when it's still perfectly good. One of the chairs needs a screw put in the leg, but that's it. They are perfect otherwise!

Then, yesterday I went to go get blood drawn. While I was at the hospital their "plant lady" came by and was trimming the hanging plants. I asked if I could have a couple of her trimmings and she said sure. Then she said she was throwing out a whole plant and did I want it. HMMMMM. YES!
Looks at this gorgeous corn plant! I killed my last one and was looking for another. And this one is much bigger then the old one! Woo Hoo! I am just so tickled! LOL        

I got bifocals this week as well. Checking out the new eye care plan on the insurance, I was able to get my eyes checked and get line-less bifocals in a rather attractive frame for $40. AND they made them within a few hours! I left there at noon and at 1:30 I was back to pick up my new glasses.

That same night there was a banquet and meeting for all the libraries in our local system. It was rather a celebration, too, because they just switched the library system and it went off better then might have been expected.



I went with some nice ladies including these two characters, Diane (who is the librarian in our little town) and Beth (who is the head library clerk).  I love going to the library anyway, but these two make it a real joy. They are bright and funny and  visiting with them can make my whole day!

So today I am waiting to see if I woman I met is going to buy my goats or not. I have decided to start over with a few head of sheep in the spring. I do hope she calls this morning!

Other than that, 5 weeks grade reports have come in and out of 4 children only 2 Cs, all the rest were A's and B's! Woo Hoo! Now that is something to celebrate, only not today, because Matt just left for a cross country event and Gillian is getting ready for me to take her to a swim meet.  I will be very glad when things slow down a little bit in November.

That's all from my little world, what have you been up to lately?

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Diane said...

Love this update. Now I feel "caught up" with what's happening at your house.