Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I loved this book,but it made me so hungry!

As you may know, I love books on tape. That way I can "read" while I drive or while I can the endless supply of tomatoes we've been harvesting. I just finished Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl.
Ruth was the food critic for the NY times. It is, arguably, the coveted job in the world for a foodie. Since being reviewed by the times is so important in NYC restaurant circles, the folks who work there are on the look out for her.
While it must be wonderful to have a fancy dining establishments bend over backwards to impress one, it is not the way to get an honest review. So Ms. Reichl resorts to wearing disguises. With each disguise comes a new personality. REALLY intriguing is how she comes to understand parts of her own personality (some nice...some not so nice) while inhabiting these characters.
OH! and the meals she describes! I spent the whole books craving whatever dish she was describing! Thank God NYC is 8 hours away or I would be fat AND broke! LOL
Let me put it this way, this book was so delicious, that I had bring it in from the car and finish listening to it in the house because I wanted to know what was coming up next.
As and added bonus there are recipes throughout the narrative!
Garlic and Sapphires gets 4 stars from me for a sumptuous summer read!

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Paula said...

I have read another of hers, can't think of the title right now, and really enjoyed it as well. How fun would that be to disguise yourself and be someone else from time to time. Love it!