Tuesday, August 03, 2010

And on this farm they had a cow...EIEIO!

This is George:

George is a Brown Swiss. Brown Swiss are a large and (reportedly) gentle breed of dairy cows. Unfortunately for George, he was born a bull. There isn't a lot of use for a bull on a dairy farm since they don't give milk. So when my friend Karen (who has a dairy farm) had enough bull she gave some to me. I gave one to my friend Liz, who was so delighted she went and got 2 more!
We kept George the bull. Only he is not a bull anymore. He's a steer.

This is the marvelous pen Joe made for George over the weekend. It is a nice place for him to live and play and grow. Right now he is cute. Cute wears off real fast with steers. They bump you around and step on your toes. In about 7 or 8 months George will have a new home. Our freezer. My daughter is aghast. That's why I get her to help me with chores. Like I said: cute wears off.
Oh the harsh realities of where food really comes from.....anyone feel like a steak?


Paula said...

Ah! George is adorable...right now! I know full well how they don't stay cute long. I still have a scar down my arm where my cute little steer, Whiskey, drug me down our gravel driveway as I was trying to halter break him so that I could show him and sell him to the highest bidder. Steak anyone? Why yes, throw one on the barbie-q for me!

Diane said...

Wish I lived closer and could get one or two of those to raise. Don't we all sound awful?!! He is a beautiful Brown Swiss.

shirley said...

Oh I just love your farm..so glad you are back where you belong!

TravelDiva said...

I'll take a steak anytime

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Still think we could have named him better...."Chuck" for Chuck Steak...."Bob" for Shish-ka-Bob....Sir Loin...well, you get the idea! LOLOL!