Friday, July 02, 2010

Stepping back into the past

There is a place nearby us known as Sonnenberg Gardens . It is a Victorian Era Estate that is now open to the public. This week, as well as the gardens (breath taking) and mansion (OMG) they showed some of the late owner's clothing displayed in the rooms they might have been originally worn.
Gillian and I had so much fun going from room to room. OH! What I wouldn't give to have seen that place back in the day!
If you don't care for old houses, the gardens are stunning. And there are several greenhouses too! Acres and acres of flowers, trees and plants, sculptures, ponds and fountains. Sigh. Heavenly!!
And if you don't like that there's wine tasting too.
Look around where you live. I'll bet there's wonders to be found there too! And I would love to hear about them.

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Kerri said...

Lucky you! I've been wanting to go there but haven't made it yet.
You've certainly been a busy girl. Good catching up with you.
Loved the family pics.
Happy summer. Enjoy those family times :)