Friday, July 30, 2010

Gillian at the fair

So, a few weeks ago my girly tells me that she wants to enter her bunny, Butterscotch, in the county fair. Her 4H leader sends us the papers and last weekend we showed up to sign in, set up the cage and buy our exhibitor's passes. This whole week has been spent in a barn reading a book, while Gillian is having the time of her life! LOL
There's a lot more to a rabbit show then just having someone look at your bunny and saying how wonderful he is. You have to be able to flip them over so the judges can look at their underneath and feet. You must answer questions about the care, feeding and nature of rabbits. You must have showmanship, manners and knowledge to go along with your bunny!
This being Gillian's first time every seeing a rabbit show, much less participating in one we were not expecting loads of prizes, but the night before the judging, tragedy struck! While another girl was showing Gillian the correct way to flip a rabbit over, poor Butterscotch lost a dew claw some how! It was no one's fault. The other girl was absolutely mortified (I felt so badly for her, bless her heart!) You see, to participate a rabbit must have all his or her nails. Who knew?
Well, it all turned out alright, because #1) the judges were really nice people. #2) Gillian was a first time exhibitor. #3) Since it was pet class (Butterscotch was purchased at a yard sale and his antecedents are unknown to us) they went more leniently with the rules. Gilli got to show her bunny. She got to see first hand what she needed to do and know for showing rabbits. She made several new friends and.....

they gave her a ribbon! Well! She was thrilled! LOL (So was her mother, for that matter! LOL)
We hung the ribbon on the cage for all the world to see!

Gillian is ready now to do it all again. She even is thinking of buying a pedigreed bunny to begin showing as well. All in all it's been a very wonderful week at the fair; full of great fun, lots of learning and, of course, let's not forget the blue ribbon!

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