Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pictures on the refrigerator

There is a page I tore out of Country Living Magazine ages ago on my refrigerator. It is a collage of sorts, with vignettes of various country themed things. This week I got one step closer to making it come to life, here on this little acreage, with the addition of these girls...Sweetie and Angel.
Visualization is an important tool in making dreams come true. You can't achieve a goal if you can't visualize it. Pictures, either actual photos or torn from magazines, help quite a bit.
So whether it be a new car or a vacation home or maybe a goat or two, consider putting up pictures where you can see them. It might help you make your dreams come true.


Diane said...

I can tell they're part Nubian. What is the cross?

They're both beautiful!! Homeade goat milk ice cream will be on the menu next summer!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I wonder if all my blogs are talking about goats this week, I wonder if god is trying to send me a message? But about what? Maybe you could give Granny Annie my other blog friend some advice maybe?