Monday, April 19, 2010

OMG Ya'll!!!

I just spent the weekend in an episode of Life Styles of the Rich and Famous!! My husband was not home for our 20th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. He felt bad about that and determined to make it up to me (like 20 years of putting up with me wasn't enough! Ha!) So, he made mysterious reservations for a weekend away in the Canadian Rockies for just the 2 of us. I flew out to Calgary on Friday where Joe met me at the airport and whisked me away to the Fairmont Banff Springs, a 19th century luxury railroad hotel of such magnificence it took my breath away! We checked in and then quickly went outside and looked around. They just don't make places like this anymore! Everywhere we looked their was beauty. It was absolutely stunning!!! Saturday we had a spa day with a couple massage. It was so great!!! I don't do the spa thing very often and Joe never had. We had the massage and then used the hot, warm and cold water falls (This was Joe's favorite thing in the spa! LOL) and the mineral pool. Sigh. It was wonderful! Later we went into town and took a tour by horse drawn carriage. We walked, enjoyed coffees at an outdoor table, shopped, talked and laughed a lot. It was still fairly early when we got back (our dinner reservations weren't until 7), so we went back to the spa for awhile (I told you Joe loved those waterfall things! LOL!) It was soooo wonderful. Like nothing I have ever dreamed of doing...o.k. well, maybe I have dreamed of such a place, but never would I have believed that I would be able to be a guest at such a place!! Just WOW! We had to leave on Sunday morning (It's an all day trip from there to home). It was hard to go...there was still so much to do in and around the hotel! I think you would have to go several times in several seasons to do it all. But I will never forget this magical place!!


Michelle said...

oh my goodness! what an amazing husband you have to play that getaway! Looks like such an awesome place to go and relax!

TravelDiva said...

Pictures look absolutely awesome! Looks like you had a wonderful time. What a great anniversary present.

Told ya that spa business was the bees knees.

Gena said...

Oh how lovely Terri! it looks just amazing!xx

Diane said...

And to think he planned all of this himself! I am so impressed. Is he already planning the 25th? It's going to take some serious thinking to out-do this anniversary.

Nancy said...

Oh, I saw that hotel when we were there. Needless to say, our bus trip did not book there. LOL. We had a nice
hotel there, but I only saw this one from a distance. Great for you. I loved it there anyway.

shirley said...

leave it to Joe to spring such a surprise on you. makes it all the more meaningful. glad you both had a terrific time. what great pictures too. time for memories. happy anniversary!

Paula said...

Oh my soul! Look how beautiful that is! Makes me want to cry~ So glad you and Joe got to share it. And a carriage ride. Wow.
So incredible. Weekends like that just make all the little hard things worth it.
Congrats on your 20 years!

(Riff and I are going to Victoria Island, B.C. for Memorial Day weekend. I'm so excited!)