Thursday, March 25, 2010

A walk on beside the lake

It is a well established fact that I detest exercise and am not crazy about cold, but I do love the water. This area is stuffed with different walking paths, but it's just no fun walking by myself. But Joe came home last night!!!

Since I have been wanting to do a little beach combing and this morning my sweetheart and I did just that. Though it was a little brisk, it was nice walking and talking and seeing what the tide had brought in. We parked and walked through the picnic area down to the beach and clear down to the marina. There were scads of tennis balls floating around, lots of zebra mussels, a bobber or two, a pair of shoes (which landed ashore at two different points) but our great "find" of the day was a duck decoy that had strayed off it's mooring and floated to shore landing amongst some reeds on the bank.

I don't mind terribly that Joe travels for his work, but I do miss his company when he's gone. These mornings we share, when the kids are at school and we haven't anything that HAS to be done right away, are some of our favorite times together. We laugh a lot. It's so good to have my sweetheart all to myself for awhile before the kids get home and I have to share him.

Life is good.


shirley said...

What a nice morning you and Joe had. And the duck was a bonus. It's nice to be reminded that we need to spend some quality time together. I love to take adventure walks or rides. We did a Sunday drive this past week and it was so awesome.

Salesdiva said...

How cool. Y'all look great.

Kether said...

I love love love that picture of you two!

Diane said...

I love this post!! You and Joe are so cute and the pictures are all lovely. Isn't it wonderful to have your best friend all to yourself for a few hours?!!