Tuesday, March 02, 2010

This is why it's important to grow your own food:

As a person who loves food and drink I often stop by this blog: http://www.accidentalhedonist.com/

Always interesting and informative, it is also sometimes upsetting. Read this news blurb I found there today:

Ingredient buyer for Kraft Foods Let Tomato Vendor Sell Tainted Food

...federal agents descended on Kraft’s offices near Chicago and confronted Mr. Watson. He admitted his role in a bribery scheme that has laid bare a startling vein of corruption in the food industry. And because the scheme also involved millions of pounds of tomato products with high levels of mold or other defects, the case has raised serious questions about how well food manufacturers safeguard the quality of their ingredients.

Over the last 14 months, Mr. Watson and three other purchasing managers, at Frito-Lay, Safeway and B&G Foods, have pleaded guilty to taking bribes. Five people connected to one of the nation’s largest tomato processors, SK Foods, have also admitted taking part in the scheme.

More and more often big corporations are growing, harvesting and preserving our food in this country. How often do you suppose they "let things slide" in favor of profit over quality and safety?? I'm betting more often then not. They are in it for the money after all.

And you know something else? I read the news several time a day. I never saw this report anywhere else. The same big corporations who run the food industries in this country also have a lot of clout in radio and print because of all the money they spend on advertising. So it behooves news outlets to bury these kinds of stories, if they carry them at all.

And the government? Well, once again it boils down to money. People who run for public office want money from these corporations. They can't very well bite the hand that feeds them, can the?

Just something to think about....


Ali said...

That is so true! Have you seen the movie, Food Inc.? It talks about the curuption of the food industry. Good to know, but at the same time, it kinda makes me want to stop eating!

Paula said...

I agree with Ali. Totally makes me think about those canned tomatoes that I used in the lasagna last night....yuck!!!