Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm a little tired today because

Yesterday I drove to Toronto to visit the King Tut exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

I knew it wasn't going to be the truly grand exhibit that made the rounds in the late 70's, but still I am one of the millions who are just entralled with the story of Howard Carter and is fabulous discovery in 1922!

The timed entry tickets allowed for some space between the crowds of people coming through
(I, frankly, was shocked that it was still so well attended as the exhibit has not only been there since November, but it costs $36 to get in!!) but there were still lines throughout as people read or listened to the discriptions of the different displays. (there were audio tour tapes available for an additional $6)

Still everyone was well mannered and the lines eventually moved along (honestly? Personally I could have taken ages at each display. Isn't it fascinating that such intricate carvings and delicate jewelry were not only created thousands of years ago, but all by hand? Absolutely amazing!)

No pictures were allowed, of course, (the cynic in me wants to know if that is really neccessary or just a mercenary way for the museum to sell more post cards?) But I did find some photos on the internet to share with you. None of which do justice to the actual artifacts. The bed above was found in the tomb. It is made of woven reeds and is still mostly intact.
I know that I am a geek, but I just loved the whole thing! from the intricate jewelry (let me tell you! Some of the earrings must have been painful to wear!!!! So HUGE and heavy! Better Tut then me, no matter how beautiful they appeared on the display tray!) to the statues, busts and canopic jars and chests. All of it, to me was fascinating and romantic and I am so glad I went!

Admission also allowed you access to the art gallery. They had some Canadian pieces that I liked and a Tissot (the shop girl) and a smaller work by Jan Brueghel the younger that I liked very much. But, you know, just because you have a Degas or a Picasso, doesn't mean you have a GOOD one. But then again, I am specific in my tastes and don't care for a lot of what passes for "art" these days.

So, Joe and I (yes, he was there too. I drove him to the airport so that he could fly back up to the hinterland for work!!!) left the museum and walked out into Chinatown (which all by it's self would be worth a trip to explore all the little shops) and enjoyed a late lunch of dim sum.
What a marvelous Day!

I am so happy that I got to see this exhibit and happier yet that I seem to be living up to the promise I made to myself to treat myself to these wonders whenever possible. How many times in life do we let opportunities slip by, not for any real, valid reasons, but for lack of determination? We moms, especially, are good at finding reasons why we cannot go places or do things because of the kids or the expense or the thousand and one other rationalizing reasons we give ourselves. But you know what? The more adventures, the more experiences, the better we are as human beings , and, therefore, a better Mother and Wife too. Always remember: When mama ain't happy, nobody's happy! Treat yourself once in awhile it will do you good!

You can find out more about the Tutankhamun exhibit here:

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Diane said...

I am so glad to know you made it there, had a great day with Joe, and are now tucked back in at home to enjoy the quiet weekend of another snow. I enjoyed reading about your visit to the museum. I know how much you were looking forward to that adventure. Keep treating yourself and I'll live vicariously!!