Monday, October 12, 2009

Children of the corn....Maze that is! Corn Maze!

I am really trying to find fun ways to exercise. And with my oldest son's leaving home, I am reminded how quickly my babies are growing up and how I need to take advantage of the time I still have them around. (After all, they are the ones that are going to be choosing my nursing home!!) SOOOO....being the creative girl I am, yesterday I combined both objectives and we spent the morning and the local pickin' patch and corn maze! What a hoot!
We laughed and ran around there for over an hour. It was so great to hear the kids shouting out to each other instead of shouting AT each other for a change! LOL
Matthew completed both sides of the maze first and came back in to find the rest of us slow pokes!
Before we left we took turns shooting the corn cob cannon, drank some apple cider and petted some pigs in the petting zoo.
Next weekend, weather permitting, we are going back. Daddy will be home and we want to enjoy this all over again with him.
When we got home we made subs and watched football. Just another glorious fall day! Sigh. LOVE IT!

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shirley said...

Terri, what fun you all had. It is a great way to spend a fall day. The seasons pass so quickly that every day matters. Happy you are going back with Joe. It looked like too much fun for him to miss out.