Sunday, November 02, 2008

The weekend and it's treasures

How cute is this purse/bank? Joe brought it home for me last time he came home from Canada. Maybe I'll save enough money in it to visit some of those cities. Now THAT would be cool!

I found this blue fish at the Amvets last week. It goes with my Blue Willow china and is now proudly displayed on the buffet in the dining room.
I also found these three little mirrors for 89 cents each......

And this dollhouse furniture kit for $3.98!!!! I felt like I hit the jackpot here! Now I have a project to work on while Joe is travelling!

I found this plate too...

And these books...

I love that big Amvets downtown! It's like a treasure hunt every time you go inside.

Here are the little doll house shelves and little pictures I put together tonight from that dollhouse furniture kit. Tomorrow night I am working on putting together some tables!

I also wanted to show Matty's art project. It's Jack Skellington! Didn't he do a pretty good job? He was terribly proud of it and rightfully so, I think!
I also got the leaves raked and the fishpond cleaned out for the winter, so it's been a fairly productive weekend here. Hope yours was as nice!


Heidi said...

You have hit the jackpot with bargains. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I have a busy week ahead. We are giving our old furniture to a recycling (2nd hand) shop and getting our new furniture while our old kitchen is getting the start of its facelift. I feel like a secretary today calling up on all the appointments to be sure it all runs smoothly.

Hugs ~

Paula said...

It's so fun to hit the jackpot that way! Do you have a dollhouse for your little furniture? That's something I've always wanted to do but haven't yet. Can't wait to see your finished furniture!

Nancy said...

I give a lot of things to Amvets, they call me all the time. As far as I know, there is no store around here. You really found some treasures.

Sue said...

Hi Terri,
I haven't been out visiting much lately. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes I absolutle love my yogurt maker. When I don't have fresh yogurt I actually crave it.
Looks like you got some great buys. I love the fish!

Kelli said...

Wonderful finds! I love the pretty plate and the poetry book!

Susie Q said...

What treasures! I love that purse/bank!
The blue and white jug is soething i would have loved too!

Matty's jack is wonderful!

What fun you will have with the doll house. Such a sweet deal on all that furniture!