Friday, November 28, 2008

Guess who came to Thanksgiving dinner?

Little Olivia Ann Knowles making her first holiday appearance! She looked fabulous in her cozy little blue outfit (made her pretty blue eyes appear even bluer!) Olivia did not partake in the turkey, but she did get a little taste of cranberry sauce that she seemed to enjoy.

There were other people there too, of course, but it was quite obvious who the "star of the show" was! You had to practically wrestle to get a chance to hold her!

We had 5 generations in that house yesterday. That's really quite something when you think of it!

From the oldest to the youngest we all had a lovely time and hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!


Nancy said...

Wonderful that you had five generations. I hope you got a picture of the people involved. Looks like you were all having fun.

Ellen said...

Oh Terri..she's beautiful. Its so nice to have a family holiday. And to have five generations under one roof is wonderful.:)Ellen

Paula said...

Oh so precious! Looks like she didn't have a shortage of snuggles!
Glad you had a beautiful day!

Lynn said...

How fun, to have a baby in the house, and a line of folks eager to hold her :)