Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The blessing of good friends........

Sometimes in life we are blessed with friends who seem more like family then even our own families!
The Steptoe's feel like that to our family. Whenever we drive down to Baltimore we stay with them, not only because they have a house big enough to accommodate the entire Pollhein clan and the occasional pet and/or family friend, but they also make us feel so wanted and valued and loved.

This trip is (not surprisingly) no exception. We were welcomed with good food, great conversation and really tasty adult beverages! We have barely seen our children since our arrival because they have run of to the farthest recesses of this lovely home to play with Jordan and Cara. They come out when hungry, but other then that are so thoroughly enjoying themselves that the only thing we hear out of them is the giggles and peels of laughter!

We go to dinner or to exercise classes or movies or out shopping sometimes, but mostly we laugh and talk and are so able to relax and able to be ourselves that our time here seems more like a vacation then most of our vacations!

So here's to Ron, Lisa, Sandy, Erin, Jordan and little Cara for all sweet things they do! We love you guys!

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Nancy said...

Hey, I missed this post. I check everyday, but must have checked too early. Happy to see you had a fun time.