Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The weekend

It was a full weekend for our family. Joe's last weekend home before beginning his new job. Lots of details to attend to, shopping to do, that sort of thing.
It began (as usual) with football. Jim played well, assuring a fourth quarter victory for his team. In the process, however he broke his shoe.( HOW DOES A KID BREAK A SHOE? ) Never mind. Next morning, while the Daddy drove to the border to get his paperwork in order, Jim and I drove to Dick's Sporting Goods and paid way too much money for a new pair of spikes so he could finish out the season.

While the older kids went off and did their thing, Joe and I took the younger set to the PTA fall fest at the elementary school. Never have so many had such fun with so little! Honestly! The PTA made up games, did crafts, had exhibits and even an auction (Gillian won a gift basket). Rumour has it, the PTA coffers were up $1100 when it was all said and done and a wonderful time was had by all! ( And the bbq chicken delicious! )

Sunday was Mass for most of us. Jim and Matt went Saturday night so they could go on an archeology dig with their Scout troop. How fun is that?

Pumpkins (bought at the fall fest) were carved into Jack O'Lanterns and put outside on the porch. The kids did the carving themselves! Didn't they do a wonderful job?
Monday rolled around and I did projects to keep myself busy. I planted more bulbs (STILL need more red tulip bulbs!) . I hung up my "Boo" sign that I made from sparkly letters I found at Joanne's last week. I even ran over to the Amvets to look around, though I didn't find much. (A couple of sweaters, a kind of neat fish blanket and an old Scrabble game) I put together the little table I refinished last month and set it up in the dining room . I am so happy with how it turned out. Isn't it sweet? (The decanters are from Amvets and the roses are from my sweetheart) I hung up a couple more Blue Willow plates as well.
After retrieving assorted Children. Running to the Halloween store (Matt likes to put together his own costumes) and feeding my babies Chicken and Dumplings with cornbread, we sat down and watched Batman Begins. and waited for Joe to call and tell us all about the new job.
And so another season has begun.....


Paula said...

Love how your little table turned out! It's so fun to take something ugly and make it beautiful again. Hope both your new jobs are going well!

Mrs. Staggs said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend, Terri!
I'm very familiar with buying cleats. My son played baseball, and soccer. Did you know that the cleats are different for those two sports? I was really surprised to find that out, but I guess they're arranged differently.

Your home is looking so pretty, and I'm enjoying seeing you so happy and having fun with your garden and decorating.

I have red tulips under the dogwood tree. I planted them almost 30 years ago, and they're the only ones the squirrels haven't eaten. Isn't that odd?

I used to love the school fairs, when my son was young. They really feel like an old fashioned village fete' to me.

Congratulations on the new job!