Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday doins'

Though it's warm and very muggy and doesn't feel much like autumn yet, there is much to be done before the cold weather gets here. We've been working, today to get a head start on the cold weather chores.

Our living room is a really wonderful shade of dark red. I love it, but it's dark. So to brighten up the room I am collecting mirrors and hanging them on the far wall to reflect the light. I found one awhile back and Joe hung it for me. I like it! I need a couple more small mirrors, though and a medium one (or two) as well.

I started staining the deck the other day, but ran out of stain, so I finished this morning. I also installed that bird feeder I found (it's on the left) and filled it and the other 2 feeders, plus the squirrel feeder. The big boys helped me put the pool cover on. So the pool is put away til next year.

While I was busy outside, Joe put these great shelves up down in the laundry room. Now I have more storage space! And who couldn't use more storage? The weight bench is going next door once I finish moving all my craft stuff out of there. We'll make that center room into a sort of work out space.

My best "find today" was at Lowe's. They had perennials bogo (although I was informed by one person (not from the garden department) that the were not bogo but half price. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight!) Anyway, I got Montauk Daisies!! I haven't seen any of these since, well, the last time we went to Montauk! They are darn near impossible to kill and come back bigger and fuller every year. I am so excited!

Now that everything I had on my to do list is done, I think I'll treat myself to a cup of coffee and a nice long read. Hope your Saturday is going as well as mine!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I use lots of mirrors in my home, too, because it is quite dark. Your wall of mirrors is looking good. Hope I can see it when it's all done.

Those daisies are great! Nothing better than a large white flower in some garden nook as focal point.

Thanks for visiting, Terri. Come again!

cityfarmer said...

Thank you for checking in on my (new)updates about Don's recovery...I think he looks so handsome and healthy

Enjoy the change of seasons dear friend!

Love your man!!!

Heidi said...

I love the mirrors on your wall. We have that in common ~ the red wall I mean. I just love the warmth this color gives to a room. You have been very busy and that deck looks like it took a great deal of time to stain. Will you share the photos of the laundry room when it is finished?

Hugs ~

Susie Q said...

I love the is just so warm, rich and gorgeous.
The mirros are wonderful!

I love the daisies too....I wanted to plant some this week and know that a few garden shops have such items on sale now. Well, whatever did not blow away! : )

I LOVED seing your zoo pictures! A zoo is always a fun place to visit!