Saturday, September 06, 2008

The parable of the broken doll

Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl had a doll that she loved and treasured very much. One day, when the little girl wasn't paying attention, the doll fell to the floor and was broken. In tears, the child brought her beloved toy to her father and said, "Father! My dolly has fallen to the floor and broken! Please fix it for me? Please?"

The Father took the doll gently from the still sobbing girl and began to access the damage. The girl watched anxiously and, after a moment snatched the doll back from her father, saying, "Please be careful! I love her so! Please fix her Father! Please!"

The Father looked down at the child and said, "My daughter. I love you with all my heart and want to help you. But how can I fix the problem, if you won't give the doll to me and let me work?"

This is how it is sometimes when we go to God with our problems. We ask for his help and if an answer isn't instantaneous, we snatch that problem right back to fuss and fume and worry and cry over. How can he fix our problems if we don't give them to him?
When we go to God with a problem we need to learn to hand it over and relax and be confident that he will find the best answer for us.

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Lara said...

This is a wonderful parable, and something I am guilty of all the time.

Just recently I totally let go of the problem, and although it took longer than maybe I would have liked, it was fixed better than I could have imagined. :)