Monday, September 22, 2008

In celebration of the Autumnal Equinox....

We gathered some cattails to decorate our dining room. You know, those cattail reeds are something else. One of these days I want to learn how to weave them into baskets or something. But that's for later, right now I am working on this:

I want a chandelier in the dining room. This one is hanging in the game room. There is nothing wrong with it, only it is not "sparkly" enough for what I had in mind. Now, here's where the thrifty and ecologically correct side of me clashes with the girly creative side of me! My solution was to buy some glass pendant beads and attach them to the "old chandelier" and then have Joe switch it with the current light fixture in the dining room. Just remember when viewing this photo that this is a work in progress...What do you think?

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Heidi said...

The chanelier looks great with the pendant beads hanging from it! I know from experience that real chandelier (the French sparkely kind) are just way overprised due to popularity. In fact, yesterday I saw some pretty vintage ones for sale in a shop which are typical at the moment. High prices and not even working well. We have found out that you have to be so careful as some need rewiring when a light goes out and that costs a fortune! I have to just keep searching as we want one more and I hope you find one you like too. I must admit that I think you should just move this one to the room you want it in as I think it is beautiful! Why spend money when you have this one. Would spray painting it another color be more to your liking?

Happy autumn to you dear Terri!

Hugs ~