Saturday, September 20, 2008

20 things to treasure in autumn

Melissa over at The Inspired Room ( has asked for a list of 20 inspiring things about fall. This list is only a start! Fall is the most wonderful and invigorating of all the seasons! Not too hot. Not too cold. And the colors!OH! And the scents! WOW! I LOVE IT!
1) The smell of wood smoke in the air
2) Football games and tailgate parties
3) A thermos full of hot buttered rum

4) The crunch of fallen leaves underfoot
5) Fires in the fireplace in the mornings before school
6) Filling the bird feeders up!

7) Warm flannel sheets on the beds
8) New fluffy slippers on your feet inside and pretty wellies on your feet when you're outside

9) Walks beneath the harvest moon (is it cold enough to see your breath yet?)

10) Jeans and sweaters (my favorite, FAVORITE outfit!)

11) Shelves full of produce you've canned from your garden

12) The spectacular colors! Inside and out: Red, Orange, Gold and Brown

13) Soups with still warm homemade bread for dinner!

14) Trips to the country looking for that perfect pumpkin or maybe a trip to the corn maze

15) Fall camping trips! Soooo much fun!

16) Signing up for new classes. Going back to college or learning how to knit? Now's the time!

17) Baking pies and treats so when the children get home from school the house smell sooo good

18) Movie night with your sweetheart snuggled up on the couch

19)Is it really fall without hardy mums and cornstalks decorating the porch?

20)Apples and cinnamon or pumpkin pie scented candles.mmmmm! Lovely


Anonymous said...

nice post and i liked ur ideas 20 things to treasures in autumn

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Love your list! And pictures too! Pink furry slippers, rubber boots, ah yes...keeping our feet warm and dry!


Thanks for the peaceful moments here today. I am so glad you shared these.

Fall Blessings to you!


jill said...

Great list! Mind sharing your recipe for buttered rum? Happy Fall!

Terri said...

Dear Jill,
Thanks so much! The recipe is over in the side bar on the right! LOVE IT!!!!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What fun to see the complementary photos for each buttered rum, eh? Hmmm, that sounds good. LOL!

Meghan said...

Hot buttered rum...I have to give that a try!

Susie Q said...

Oh Teri! How I love AFall and seeing your list just made me happy! Hot cocoa, mulled cider and buttered rum. Yum.
Football games, under a blanket, on a crisp, Fall night...

Your post today was a happy one for me to read!


Kathy said...

Love your Autumn list!

KJ said...

Ooo, a fall pictorial! Wonderful images. Love the advice to the boys, too! I hate seeing people salt food without tasting it.