Saturday, August 16, 2008

So in an attempt to get me out of the house and cheer me up some...

my darling husband took me along on a work

related team building exercise. The method used last night was mini race cars.

First of all my "lead foot" days are long gone. Secondly, my butt looks awfully big compared to those tiny seats. And thirdly, the helmets smooshed down my hair! But I wanted to be a good sport so I suited up and got behind the wheel.

The first race was a sort of elimination race. I was happy to just sort of putt putt around the course and not get in anyone's way. Sure people pointed and laughed, but only behind my back because I was married to the boss. I did NOT come in last, so I gained a little confidence and was actually a little excited about the second round.

I asked how fast I could take the curves and was given some pointers...This time I was ready!

I got behind that wheel and after one lap of getting used to the car again, I roared to life! I was flying! Taking curves fast and wide (so no one could pass me) when, about 3 laps in, SOMEONE hit me from behind and caused me to spin out! I added a full minute and a half to my time waiting for the guy to come push my car out into the lane again (there's no reverse on these little cars). I continued only to be bumped again!!!! And this time I recognized the offending driver it was my own sweet JOE! Stunned and shocked I finished the race, got out of the car and punched him in the stomach!

I did win this really impressive cup for having the SLOWEST time, though.

I woke up kinda sore this morning. Something tells me a career in NASCAR is not in my future! LOL


Heidi said...

Hi Terri! Jos got me connected through this phone at the cottage. It is not foolproof and sometimes hard to stay connected but I can check a few blogs. I read your sweet comment to me. THANK YOU! You are a doll and I love you too. Now...what is this about menopause? I have most of those symptoms but do to my illness...I hope anyway...LOL! I am glad you started to show up those men that you could race too. Joe was supposed to be cheering you up not sending you spinning out of control. Play nice Joe! Terri is worth it. :) Now I am wondering if Joe brought home a trophy other than you that is?

Hugs ~

Diane said...

Heidi's comments are the best!! I think Joe brought home the best trophy, too. . .you!! The way Joe includes you says so much about the kind of person he is, too!