Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Corn Festival Eden, NY

My husband's Rotary Club is sponsoring a car show next weekend, so THIS weekend he was asked by the club president to go up to Eden NY and invite the folks there to come to Amherst next weekend. So, off Joe, Gillian, our young neighbor Liz and I went!

Lots and lots of wonderful, vintage cars and trucks. One of these days I want to get and old Chevy truck and/or an old station wagon for my very own. Think how cool it would be to tool around town in something like that!!

Once we accomplished that task we were free to visit the midway. Gillian and Lizzie had a ball!

There's something so wonderfully warm and down-home friendly at these little fairs and festivals. They are true Americana! Families out enjoying a beautiful August afternoon, politicians shaking hands and passing out pencils with "remember to vote for me!" imprinted on them, vendors selling foods or crafts, ....Everyone having a wonderful time and celebrating being together in the sunshine. Not a bad way to spend the day!

One the way out of town we stopped and bought a bushel of corn and a flat of annuals to fill out my garden a little more. We went home and sat on the back porch shucking corn and laughing.
Next week it's the Erie County Fair. More of the same, only this time with farm animals!!! I can't wait to go!

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Paula said...

I love those little festivals too. This past weekend was the Astoria Regatta here. We went down for the car show and loved looking at all the vintage cars. Incredible how beautifully they've been restored. I could cruise around in most of them, no problem! Looks like your weather was much nicer for your little show than it was for ours. We skipped most of the festivities this year and choose to stay tucked up against the rain at home...