Monday, July 21, 2008

my life, lately...

Lee over at sent me this wonderful book! Can you believe it? I actual won a drawing on her site! I never win, so I am doubley thrilled.

Here's the entry to our house. See the tile? I did that last week! All that's left is for Joe to re-do the trim. I am so pleased with how it looks! So clean and nice. Even Joe the perfectionist was pleased with how it turned out.
Did I mention that while I was down in Penn Yan, I had lunch with the crew from the Yates County Red Cross? They are lost without me, but have managed to keep things afloat. I have to find something like that to do again. It feels good to "contribute". And goodness knows that I owe something back for all the blessings I've recieved in my life!

Sandi, Carol and Allie

Not only have I been working on my garden, which is doing pretty fair for a first year, I also painted the front door and the shutters. The color was called to be Ruby Slippers. It's a little more orange then the last tint, but I still like it. It sure brightens up the front of the house. Don't you think?
My favorite Yahoo! group had a windchime swap. Here's the one I recieved. The color goes with my bedroom walls.

Today's project, or should I say the project for the next week or so, is to paint the bathtub in the kids' bathroom. I can't afford to replace it right now, and it is old and stained so that I can never get it to look clean...which is driving me crazy. So, I bought some special paint and we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Maybe it's the long, summer days, but I am finding it difficult to blog these days. I haven't even been reading too many blogs. Between the projects, and the kids and the lovely warm weather, all I really want to do is enjoy my blessings.....Hope your summer is as nice as mine has been so far.


Paula said...

Terri ~ I LOVE your red shutters and door. Your house looks so sweet and cozy! Great job! I'm really curious to find out how your bathtub painting goes. I really need to do that with ours also but haven't done my research to find out what type of paint to use. We are in the middle of putting a fan in our bathroom and re-painting. We need new coutertops also, but that's going to have to wait.
I've picked up that book a couple of times, but have never boughten it. Let me know how it is and Congrats on winning!!

Diane said...

Here's wishing you luck! You are far too industrious during these hot summer days. You've already made a HUGE difference in the house. I was impressed when you and Joe put down tile in the dining room, but am super impressed that you did it by yourself in the entry. The house looks great with the new color on the shutters. It doesn't look orange at all in the pictures. Let us know how the bathtub project works out.

Meggie said...

Your shutter look lovely...nice and bright...makes the house look very inviting! I will be most eager to see how your bathtub turn out. I've wanted to paint mine for sometime and haven't had the nerve. Keep us posted.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Everything is looking so pretty! I love the color you chose for the shutters and the door, and your garden is really coming along nicely. I'd love to have those tiles in black and white in my bathrooom. You did a great job!