Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The un-named meme

In your entire life, have you ever...gone on a blind date? Yes. He was lawyer and had a thing about feet. It kind of freaked me out! LOL

Skipped school? Well, maybe I called out a time or two when I could have made it, but I don't remember actually cutting classes

Watched someone die? Yes. In my former life as a critical care respiratory therapist I went to a LOT of codes. Dying doesn't scare me. HOSPITALS scare me!

Been to Canada? Yes

Been to Mexico? No

Been to Florida? Lots of times, back in the day

Been on a plane? Yes. Not crazy about flying though.

Been lost? Are you kidding me? I can get lost going to the next room!

Been on the opposite side of the country?Yeppers

Gone to Washington, DC?Yes

Swam in the ocean? Yes, but I don't like swimming in the ocean. I never really got over Jaws. I like the beach, though!

Had your booze taken away by the cops? No

Lettered in a high school sport? no. My letter was for Band

Cried yourself to sleep? yes, when I thought I had lost Joe back when we were dating.

Played cops and robbers? Yep. We played on bikes. It was really more like chicken. It hurt to lose, let me tell ya!

Played dolls? Of course

Recently colored with crayons? No. Markers and colored pencils but not crayons

Sang Karaoke? Joe got me a karaoke machine for my birthday one year. We still get it out from time to time!

Paid for a meal with coins only? Sure. They spend.

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Sure.

Cheated on an exam?I don't remember ever doing that

Made prank phone calls? Yes "Is your refrigerator running?" "Do you sell Prince Albert in a can?" All the classics!

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? No, but I can do it at will and used to make pocket money by charging kids to watch me in grade school

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Every winter

Danced in the rain? Are you kidding? I am married to THE most romantic man in the world! How could I not?

Written a letter to Santa Claus? of course!

Been kissed under the mistletoe? Every year!

Watched the sunrise with someone you care about? Yes.

Been arrested? nope! Believe it or not!

Blown bubbles? All the time

Gone ice-skating? Yes.

Been skinny dipping outdoors? What fun is skinny dipping indoors?

Had a nickname? Yes. Never you mind what!

Been to Africa? I wish!

Eaten cookies for dinner? no

Been on TV? Radio and newspaper yes, but I can't remember being on television

Stolen any traffic signs? No. That's just dumb

Been in an accident? Yes

What is your....mother's name? Ivy

Favorite drink?coffee or wine

Alcohol? See above

Where were you born?Minnesota

Favorite vacation spot? My favorite, so far was San Francisco

Favorite salad dressing? Thousand Island

Favorite pie? Pumpkin

Favorite number? 7

Favorite movie? Return to Me

Favorite holiday? Christmas

Favorite food? seafood

Favorite day of the week? Sunday

Favorite brand of body wash? We just use Ivory Soap.

Favorite toothpaste? Crest

Favorite smell? wood smoke

Do you have any...tattoos? Nope

Body piercings? Just my ears

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door mini van

What do you do to relax? hang with the family

How do you see yourself in 10 years? We'll be alone Joe and I and travel and dine and just have a ball!

Well, that was exhausting! You try it!!!!


Susie said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for visiting me
I enjoyed reading your answers to this meme..

Michelle said...

What a fun meme! I've seen this on a few blogs and need to do it myself.

Thanks for your comment! I'm sure that when Lucas is mobile and ready to play with Kayla she won't want anything to do with him then! LOL

Nancy said...

Wow, that was quite a feat. Very interesting. I don't know how you remembered all the questions, let alone answer them. LOL.

Classic Charm said...

Hi Terri!
Thanks so much for stopping in to visit me! I ordered the fabric from Rose-Tree to match the bedding in the guest room. It's called Somerset Garden by Jane Seymour, unfortunately it's a discontinued fabric, so they sent me all they had. You can try doing a search online though. It is truly a beautiful fabric. Good luck!

Brown English Muffin said...

wow this was interesting!

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

The mini-van has five doors! LOL! Love you baby!

Paula said...

That was really fun to read. I love your dancing in the rain answer.

and I love your new header too, by the way!