Thursday, May 08, 2008

Treasures from the Amvets!

It was a rough morning at the Amvets, gang. I had to choose between so many lovely things. This is the final haul....Left to Right: A set of 6 aperitif glasses, A white peacock (actually I got 2) A silver, 3 piece tea service (probably silver plate, but very pretty) A whole bag of candy molds, a small statue of Jesus, a Blue Willow plate, a carafe and matching drinking glass, a whole package of onion skin paper and a gold basket with pearls that I am going to use to hold napkins. I would have loved to get over to the Salvation Army, too, but there wasn't enough time today. I had to get home to clean the carpet (Have I ever mentioned that we have white carpet that is impossible to keep looking clean and that I really, really hate it?) and get supper started.
It was a lovely day for me....I even got myself an iced coffee with a gift card one of my CCD kids gave me. Too bad you couldn't come along today....Maybe next time?

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Susie Q said...

I wish I could come up and do this with you! I think we would have such fun!!

Lovely treasures!