Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting the garden going

I am getting going on the garden. These are some shots of the front yard. There will be a mixture of vegetables herbs and flowers. The sunniest side of the house will have tomatoes and peppers planted against it. I hope to espalier and peach tree there one of these days as well. At the very back I have planted some raspberry canes. Who says you can't have a farm in the suburbs?

I have lavender plants and hope to add some roses near the door. It smells so wonderful already. I can't wait until they're both blooming.

Imagine sitting outside in the evening, enjoying a glass of wine and the wind gently wafts the beautiful scents of lavender and roses intermingled....sigh....lovely!


Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by and your cute comment. Your garden looks beautiful. Don't work too hard.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Glad you found my blog, nice to meet you! I love lavender, it's my favorite! Once we move the first thing to do is plant a garden, I can't wait! Good luck!

smilnsigh said...

Hi Terri, and thank you for stopping by my {Smilnsigh} blog and for commenting.

And I love the way your mind works! Yessss, a bunch of us could go in on a pied-a-tierre and do the 'time-share' thing. -giggles- A pied-a-tierre in Paris sure sounds as if it beats those usual 'time-share' things, doesn't it? Ahhh yes! When we choose to dream, we do it in a big way!!! Yessss! ,-)

And of course I applaud your ideas about planting some foooood this summer. And we have an old regular lawn mower, which my husband kept. And just sharpened the blades and cut the small back yard.

Since we are {very} Senior Citizens, I still insist that our next-door son cut the bigger front lawn. But my husband actually did fine, with the old mower and the small back yard. Methinks I ought to try it, the next time! Me who needs to incorporate exercise into my life!!! {Ahemm, I've only been trying to do this, for ages now. -sigh- Hope springs eternal!}

Annnnnnnd, I was drawn to your Public Service Announcement, posted a bit back. Something tells me to point to it, in my blog. Scary subject. Timely subject, to know more about. !!!


Sandi McBride said...

Hi Terri, I wanted to thank you for the visit and nice comment. Here's an idea for your garden...take three landscape timbers and set them up like a wigwam, add garden twine around it, plant about a half dozen green bean (string) plants around it, and hey, for adventure plant acouple of cucumber plants along with'll get lots of beans, the more you pick the more they'll make...have fun gardening!

smilnsigh said...

And please click here... to see my entry, which thanks you, and points to your entry...

Thank you...


wendster said...

Wow! I just spent about an hour reading your PHAT blog and this blog and I loved your posts. I like that you are green, I like that you are "selfish" :D, I like that you garden and thrift shop and take your kids to play sports and that you notice the value in having birds that make you happy all day long in place of one more blue and white plate, and I like that you are a leader. I notice on your PHAT blog that you lead and encourage others to stick with the program and that you are willing to step up to that responsibility.
Not that you need me to like you, LOL, But I know that I love a little bit of feedback and praise once in a while, and those are just a few of the things I noticed about you that I like. Oh. I also admired that you like poetry and post a poet of the month.
Oh yes. .. and in your personal statistics I loved that you love James Herriot books. I love that guy too! Some of his stories are a tough read though, cuz you never know if his patient is going to DIE at the end! LOL. Do you know James Herriot's novels were one of the reasons I named my son Tristan? Because I loved the playful brother in law in the series. I also liked Tristan and Isolde and Tristan (Brad Pitt) but I just forgot the name of the movie... Legends of the Fall? I think that's it.
Oh yes ... I also like that you are a master of brevity where I am NOT. LOL.
Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm certain I will be stopping by again.

sheila said...

hiya :)...I thought I'd say "hi" before trundlin' off to browse around your blogs :)

...your garden dirt looks so good! I'm jealous...maybe one day when I want to bore Every Body to Death, I'll take a pix of the Sand That is My Garden Soil...or maybe of the Clay That is My Garden Soil...sigh...

anyhoo...I love the idea of raspberry canes...I've put in blueberries...and I think I might even get a blueberry this year...

LivingTheLife said...

Thanks for the sweet comment and prayers for my friends son. I have great news...and am about to update my blog...Stone (our friends grandson) is out of surgery, he did wonderful AND they have found that the bacteria is now responding to the meds. The fluid they drained and were so worried about ending up being a lot...almost 17cc's...but it was NOT a new was just dead white cells from the other bacteria (confusing stuff, I know) this is great news! They have canceled the extensive surgery they had scheduled, are watching him very closely, giving him a new antibiotic (in which the bacteria is responding to) AND will perform another CAT scan in a couple of days...PLUS he will get to go home in 3 days...hallelujah!!

Thanks for the prayers, we all appreciate and are so grateful for the love and prayers from everyone!!

I am loving reading your blog...especially love the lawn-mower fact my daughter called while I was typing this comment from her home in Colorado...and I told her she needed a "green" lawnmower! Loved how you "beat" husband to the punch!


Heidi said...

Hi Terri! I am catching up with my blogging friends once again. My mother is back home and the online friends too. We had a fun visit but I am exhausted and having problems now that I have gone off my medicine again. I need to rest a few days so I can get back to normal, whatever that is. :)

How wonderful that you can finally get busy in your garden. It sounds like you have so many great plans for it too. Can I come join you there for that glass of wine?

Hugs ~