Friday, May 02, 2008

2008 Kentucky Derby

Tonight, in Louisville, Kentucky, the people will be celebrating Derby Eve. The highbrows at a black tie optional charity event. The rest at the Derby Eve Jam (this year the B52s are headlining) a lot of fun (and alcohol) will be had by all

Tomorrow morning, if you get up in time, you can drive over to Frankfort and partake of the Governor's Derby Breakfast.

Then, you head back to Louisville and Churchill Downs. I spent many happy first Saturdays in May in the infield. You can't see much, but that's not really the point anyway. Or you can spring for seats in the grandstand...I've done that too...the infield is more fun. OR if you have the wherewithall, you can head up to Millionaire's row and rub elbows with rock stars, politicians, movie actors and the gentry.

This year's favorite, going off at 3:1 odds, is Big Brown. For two minutes the eyes of the world will be on Louisville and the sport of kings!!!
Sigh. I miss home. Especially this time of year
I don't know that I will even be able to watch the Derby on television this year. It seems that my Matty has decided to turn 12 tomorrow. I don't begrudge him that. He deserves a happy birthday .....I just wonder if he would mind if I served Burgoo and Mint Juleps at his party?

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Paula said...

The Derby is on my list of things to do before I die ~ it's gonna happen one of these years, I swear it!