Sunday, April 13, 2008

My husband the craftsman

I like to play at crafts and sewing, but these things are for my own enjoyment and not nearly well done enough for an etsy store. But my husband....he is truly an artist.
A year or so ago I sent a friend of mine one of the pens Joe makes. She loved it so much that this year she asked Joe to make her several more so that she could give them to her class as graduation gifts.

Joe has a workshop set up in the basement. He's been so busy since we arrived in Buffalo that this is the first time that he has had an opportunity to use it. He finds wood turning relaxing. I think it also satisfies the artist him to create things of beauty.

He came upstairs yesterday with the first 2 pens. The photos do not do them justice! The one on the left is the color of the sky as a storm is clearing. It is absolutely gorgeous. The red one has golden orange flecks all through some kind of wild galaxy from Star Trek! These, of course are made of acrylic, but he has also used wood (including Olive wood pruned from the groves of Bethlehem) and antler.

So many people have commented on the beauty of his handy work. Back home in Penn Yan, he sold them at the local book store (He also sold his wine bottle stoppers at some of the wineries, but that is another story all together! LOL) You can see more of his work at

I am so proud of him. I just needed to brag on him a little bit. I hope you'll excuse me. But after seeing his work, I know you'll understand.


Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Ain't she sweet!

Love you, baby!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

His pens are beautiful. Can you sell those on Etsy too as well as his website? Congratulations sweet Matty on that wonderful report card. I will join in on the June 4-July 4th no chinese buying. Have a great week~ Lynn

Heidi said...

Wow Joe! They are absolutely gorgeous. I know Joanne is going to be thrilled with how they are turning out. I cannot believe that DH makes these himself Terri. You are not bragging, just sharing his wonderful talent with us.

Hugs ~

P.S. ~ I do feel blessed to have a good relationship with my mother. I am picking her up very early tomorrow morning.

Paula said...

Gorgeous! I absolutely love that sky blue one~ what a talent!!

Joanne said...

Oh, I LOVE how they're turning out!! I know there are going to be lots of happy faces at the end of our school year :)