Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fifty years and counting.....

This last weekend we drove down to Baltimore to celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. That there is anyone left today that even bothers to get married, much less stay married for 50 years is quite remarkable. And yet, Monsignor Parks mentioned to me that he had 2 other upcoming 50th anniversaries to serve Mass for in the coming weeks. Extraordinary!
I believe this is the way love should be. This is marriage in it's most beautiful form. Enjoying the good times and hanging in there through the bad times. And yet so many people enter and exit marriage casually as if it were extended Dutch date, instead of a sacrament meant to last a life time. Leaving behind wounded families and broken hearts that never truly heal.
Since my children were babies, I have spoken to them about marriage and what it means to make a lifetime commitment. How just loving someone isn't a good enough reason to marry them if you don't share core values and a deep and abiding faith. I hope they learn this lesson well and someday celebrate their own 50th wedding anniversaries.
And Mom-mom and Poppie? Thanks for giving all of us such a wonderful example to follow! Love you!

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Susie Q said...

What a special couple! God bless them and how sweet that you all were able to share in this occasion. Blessings to them and how wonderful that you are all able to have them in your lives for guidance and love.