Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another busy week....

For $2 at the Anything for a Buck store you can have a whole lot of fun. Last weekend I bought bubbles and a couple of the big bubble wands and left them out on the back deck. They were soon found and enjoyed by the children. Nothing like really big bubbles to make you smile!!! LOL
I also moved my little fish pond. I had caught as many of my gold fish (they were 11 cent feeder fish, but still...) as I could last fall and brought them inside and put them in an aquarium for the winter. When I emptied the pond to clean it and move it, I found 2 more still alive!!! This year I think I'll try leaving them out and see what happens. Anyway, I have ordered my new pond plants and after they arrive and I get them "planted" I will be putting all my goldfish back outside. I still need to pack a few more plants around the edges there, but, Oh! I think it's going to be lovely!

Incidentally, the big whole where I used to have the pond, will be filled with compost and become an asparagus bed!!! Waste not want not...even with holes! LOL
Gillian had Monday off so we checked out a new branch of the library. I swear it's like Christmas every time we find a new one! I really should have been a librarian. Except I hate the library of congress system they use around here. Give me the Dewey Decimal System anytime! At least I know how to find things with that one!
Then there's my doll house. I'm building it myself. No one has been able to use the table in the game room since last Saturday, because I've sort of hogged up all the room and threatened death to anyone who touches my stuff. I hope to have it all put together tomorrow or the next day. I just need to decide what color to paint the outside. The inside is done in pretty much the same colors I used in our real house.
Yesterday I spent the day pulling up the carpet in the living room. Underneath was the same beautiful hardwood flooring as we found in the rooms and hall upstairs. I just think the wood makes the house look "richer". Now I have to pull up the dining room carpet and replace it. We are not so lucky's any even uglier carpet underneath the ugly carpet . So, I will be saving up for flooring. I am thinking black and white tile, though I have been warned it will show absolutely everything. It can't be worse then the hideous off white Berber carpet that shows every footstep and stain.

The good news this week, I'm down another few pounds and the golf lessons are going well.

The bad news is that I found out my education as a respiratory therapy technician in the current job market is worth ZERO. I've been out so long and now they've started licensure, so I would have to retest that I am worthless. That's a little humbling. For years my identity was wrapped up in my career. Though I am now living my dream of being a SAHM it was a source of pride and security that I could take care of myself if I needed to. Evidently that security no longer exists. It's kind of stunned me.

But, life goes on...I hope you all are having a fruitful week. I believe that I am doing alright in that department least my family values my contributions. That is more then enough to keep me purring along. Their opinions are what really count in my life now. Heck....they are my life!


Heidi said...

Lots to comment on...

First, OH MY GOSH! Who would cover up a wood floor with carpet. What a great thing to bring back to life in your home. It looks great.

I would have been out there using those bubbles before the kids ever got sight of them. :) The fish pond is great. I cannot imagine moving it though. We are looking for a fountain of some kind to use here to drown out a bit of the far too loud sounds of children at the playground. There is little peace and quiet here.

Can't wait to see what colors you choose for your dollhouse. My mother loves hers. I think it makes her become a child again for a little while.

I too wanted to be a librarian. I love the smell of books! My second choice would be to own a bookshop like the one Meg Ryan had in You've Got Mail. :)

You are so funny! Even if I did show up for a visit at your doorstep, could you please tell me how I would convince an airline to let me take an old window back home with me??? :)

Hugs ~

Susie Q said...

I love the wood floors! I think they are warm and the prettiest thing. The area rug is so pretty too.
Looks great~

I would have loved to be a librarian or a book shop owner.
Surrounded by books...not a bad thing at all.

I so understand about the job market. My degree is probably useless now without going back to school for awhile.
Daunting isn't it. : (

Love playing with bubbles...: )