Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What makes you happy

In these grey days at the (hopefully) tale end of winter. I find myself feeling so blah. and dull. I look for little things to make me smile and feel good.
I could go shopping, but then my poor husband wouldn't be feeling so great, so I fuss over little things around the house. And sometimes things turn out just the way you wanted them to and it just makes you glow inside.
My dining room is turning out that way. The photos make it look "blocky" but it's not. I think it's warm and happy and filled with things I love. It's not perfect, maybe, but it's pretty good, I think!
Joe does not care for the picture being hung on that room divider, but I like it. I'd like to change the matting on it, though. And do you see that glorious palm tree? $15 at the local grocery store. I probably shouldn't have gotten one quite so big, but, hey! I couldn't help myself.
On Tuesday I took the CD cupboard out of my bedroom, cleaned it out and put some Blue Willow cups and saucers in it. I love it there in the corner of the dining room.
O.K. So this isn't the most exciting post ever. But I think these small victories are what makes our lives special.
The little things that make us smile today are the memories that will keep us warm later.
Hope you take the time to enjoy these moments in your own life!


Cottage said...

I love the dark furniture the creamy yellow of the walls and the Blue Willow. Not blocky at all. Looks very inviting!
You are making it yours and very special for your family. That is what its all about; making memories one picture or plate at a time.


Kerri said...

Keeping yourself busy doing things you love is a good way to fight these end of the winter blahs. I know what you mean about low energy!
Your dining room is looking bright and cheerful :)
That train trip to FL sounds like great fun!
I like the IRS joke ;) So true!

Sandi McBride said...

I love the way you have your rooms decorated...I'm a plate fanatic, so I am naturally wild about them!

Paula said...

I think it looks nice and cozy. I really like your yellow walls. My sister posted the story of the blue willow plates on her site the other day ~ Staceys Treasures ~ and I thought about you while I was reading it. Love what you did with the cd case!

Nancy said...

I am trying to convince myself to paint my dining room. Maybe I will get inspired to do it by your post. LOL. I hope so. Right now, I am just planning to scrub the floor. It is a mess from all the tracking in with the terrible weather. I will breath a sign of relief when that is done. I like your little corner cupboard with the china in it.

Susie Q said...

I love the yellow and the blue and white together. Your room looks so welcoming and wonderful. I LOVE the Bostons!! Do your *real* guys ever get jealous?? : )

I would love to visit your lovely home and just enjoy it all...