Friday, March 07, 2008

The projects! The projects!

I have been a busy girl the last week
Several projects contemplated have been started and a few even finished!
The first was this bed pocket. I took some canvas and covered it with pretty material to make this sturdy, but attractive pocket. No more looking for my glasses, or the remote. They're right next to me! Cool, hu?
I am painting this old rocker bright blue. I thought how much the color remined me of Van Gogh. I may get happy and put a few sunflowers on it, in honor of Vincent.
This is the desk I picked up off the curb sans front legs. Yesterday I stained two table legs I picked up at Lowes and today I attached them. Waiting now for the glue to dry and I will clean it up and paint and or stain it. A desk of my own!! Woo Hoo! No more hiding in the basement. I can work in my bedroom!
Another curbside find was this patio table. I spray painted it out in the garage yesterday. It now matches the great rod-iron furniture I found last year. It only needs a new umbrella and we're ready to dine in style this spring.

I am so glad to be getting a few of my projects done. Soon (?) it will be warm enough to work in a garde and I won't have time for these kinds of things. I'll be digging in the dirt! And loving every minute of it!


Nancy said...

Love that red table. Red is one of my favorite colors. The desk was a find also. I can't wait to see the chair finished, especially if you do put the sun flower on it.

Mama P said...

I am a huge thrifter also. I need to work on the painting thing, though. I can do walls, but furniture seems more daunting. I have not been happy with the first few attempts and want to get better. I will come back here for inspiriation. Congrats on some super finds! Love the colors.

Heidi said...

My Terri, you are a busy girl! I love all your projects. You are so lucky to now find a table to go with your patio furniture. And that desk is going to look so neat when it is done. Can you share a photo of it in place when you have it finished and decorated? Yes that IS the Van Gogh blue! :) And that bed pocket, well, I have only one thing to say.....I want one!

Hugs ~

WhineNRoses said...

Good for you on getting all those projects done!!!
I know its so hard to find the time!!!
I love the bed pocket!!!

blessedme said...

I am SO loving that red table and the awesome pink holder. That is too cute. Thank you for visiting my blog!