Monday, March 31, 2008

My anniversary gift

Joe bought me golf clubs and golf lessons! LOL
He's played before, but I never had and in keeping with our new, active life style we are going to walk some fairways come spring!
Right now we're using an indoor range. It's HUGE! Our instructor, Marlene, actually played on the LPGA tour, so she knows what she is talking about! She's very nice and very patient. It was surprisingly hard work hitting the little ball
with a stick! I am working on my stance, grip and follow through. It's a lot to remember!
These are my lovely new clubs m(on the left). They are Dunlops! I didn't know Dunlop made golf clubs. Did you?
I think it is so great that Joe still wants me to hang around with him doing stuff like this. He was so excited to share his love of the game with me. Now if I could get him to wear plaid pants and a tam with a little yarn ball on top, I think we'd be slammin! LOL LOL


Lara said...

Wow! I'm impressed. My husband loves to golf...I went to the driving range with him once and was a hopeless failure. I suppose if I gave it more time I'd actually have a little luck, but I'll stick to miniature golf, thanks! :)

Nancy said...

It's great you will be golfing together. I bet you can forget the tam and plaid pants though. LOL. I can only do mini golf but I hope you will really take it on.

Mama P said...

Email away!


Heidi said...

Happy belated anniversary! We are really close on anniversary dates Terri as mine is tomorrow. You look like a natural standing there with your golf clubs! How fun that you will be able to share this now together. I do agree with my mother though about Joe in the tam and plaid pants. :)

Hugs ~

Brown English Muffin said...

That is sooo darn sweet!!! I hope after 18 years of marriage my husband still wants to be around me!!!

"It was surprisingly hard work hitting the little ball with a stick! " LOL and yet Tiger makes so much money doing just this!!!