Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who turned on the winter button????

This is just crazy. I know this is Buffalo and everything, but Christmas is over. What is the point of all the cold, ice and snow??? I am tired of it and I think I am not alone in feeling this way!

Since it is snowy and nasty, Joe took my to a falafel bar for lunch! Oh my, was that ever delicous! I don't think I've ever had falafel before and I loved it...then I had a Greek open plate with Greek potatos. The meat was the stuff they put on gyros....sort of a lamb/spam thing....Loved it too! Can't wait to go back another time and try some other things on the menu.

OH! And I was trash picking again. I found this table out at the side of the road. I made Joe stop, back up and open the cargo door!! I am going to paint it and put it up on the pool deck this spring. I am so happy!!! I love a bargain!!

To show my gratitude to my sweetheart for all he did for me today, we stopped at a tobacco store so he could buy a few cigars to fill up his humidor. I liked looking at the pipe display. Take the price tags off and it would make a fine wall decoration. Don't you think? You could find all kind of old, interesting pipes I'll bet.

And speaking of interesting wall decorations. We had a Parent/Teacher conference at the MS today. While I was in the counsilers office I saw this:

She said she had a well used bulletin board under there and it was attached to the wall so she couldn't remove it, so she went a bought (are you ready for this?) cheap placemats (!) and stapled them all over the board. I thought it looked fabulous.

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