Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

We aren't usually big Valentine's Day people. I mean the Daddy by the children boxes of candy and we exchange cards, but nothing over the top.
I told Joe no flowers this year. He sends me flowers from Proflowers , but this year I asked him not to.
So, yesterday around noon the phone rings and Joe says what are you doing for lunch? When I said nothing much he said he'd be home in 20 minutes.
He walks in with a rose, and shushi!! And we got to enjoy some very rare time alone before he had to go back to work. He is the sweetest most romantic husband ever....
Over at the highschool, the tradition is that the girls wear their hearts and don't speak. If they speak to a boy they must give them their hearts (I think they do something similar with the boys on St. Patricks Day) Looks like Ben out did his big brother this year

Then I made some heart shaped sugar cookies. I tried using fondant for the first time. It sure won't be the last! I can't wait to try it on a cake! I got mine a Joanne's but here a link:

I used the Winton's rolled fondant. I thought they turned out pretty!

Hope your Day (and evening) was as nice as ours!


Nancy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful
valentines day. Your cookies look too yummy. That is the cutest idea with the girls giving their hearts to a guy. Your son sure did ok. LOL.

Susie Q said...

It all sounds like a wonderful day! I am so glad...

And I too was sad that no Boston's were in the finals at Westminster!
Kip is STILL pouting there were no Kiphounds (Ssh...we have not told him he is the ONLY one!)

Yummy cookies...I made cupcakes that looked pretty good but were gone so fast I never even got a picture!

Have a sweet weekend!!

Love and hugs,

Paula said...

Sushi! I'm swooning. That's wonderful.
I bet the kids have a lot of fun at school with that heart thing. I wanna do it! LOL!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

At first I thought your boys were twins!! Does anyone ever say that they are?