Sunday, February 10, 2008

Madeleine latest discovery!

I'm always looking for "new" music to enjoy. Last week I got this CD out of the library and I finally got around to listening to it today. WOW!
What a wonderful voice! Check it out for yourself.
Her website addy is:

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JDouglass said...

Greetings from the Last Frontier of Alaska ~ and I'm so glad you 'finally' found Madeleine Peyroux... my IPOD is filled with her music ~ she has some awesome songs out there... and is truely 'gifted' ~ I love that she sings in both english and french ~ have you heard her sing "Le Vie En Rose...", I read that you saw the movie ~ it is so awesome! Also she does the song, "Smile" and and it brings tears to you eyes... didn't mean to ramble on but I got so excited to read that someone else enjoyed her voice and songs ~ try and find some of her other CD's... have a good day, J.Douglass