Friday, February 01, 2008

Getting crafty

If you all listen to the national news, you might have heard about the
astounding weather we had on Wednesday....wind gusts to 80mph with blowing snow and ice.
Needless to say school was called off and while my children took this opportunity to improve their air guitar skills, I caught up on some crafting projects that have been laying around.

These little gycerin soaps are for the YMCA bag. I figure theres one fish per trip as they are so small.

The choker I made for myself. There's a matching ankle bracelet, too. I love them!
Then there's the canvas work apron I made for Joe. It's extra long,so the wood dust stays off most of his clothes when he's working at turning pens. He was happy!

These are a couple of the pins I made. I have some trouble with the covering closing all teh way around. It's odd, really. I'll make several with no problem and then...10 in a row get messed up. I fixed the problem on the cosmos pin by gluing a ribbon to the bottom.

The hat and scarf I made for Gillian (There's the cutest little tassel on the hat. It doesn't show very well in the photo, I'm sorry to say) were a hit. The yarn was a mohair and it is so soft and warm. Gillian, not really a hat girl, wore it to school yesterday and today!

There are still several unfinished projects down in my craft room, but I am feeling pretty proud of myself for having
finished up a few anyway. What did you do with your extra day off?


huskiki said...

Hi Terri!

I was just swinging by to say hello and I see that you're keeping very busy! Where do you find the time?

Today was our turn at the bad weather only it started around 10am so the kids were already in school. The school district closed early and I came home from work early too :)

Mary said...


Just stopped in to say hi. I haven't been over to visit in a while.

Glad you were able to finish up these projects. Right now I'm making scrapbooks of our vacation for the grandsons for Easter. It is quite time consuming.

Our weather has been real bad today. It's been snowing since 3am. I do hope it stops soon.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Salesdiva said...

No fair. I want some homemade soaps. Meanie.

deezie said...

wow love all the crafts you made, I can just craft all day, well add alittle baking and gardening in there. Great job, Love the hat!!!

Paula said...

Holy Buckets! You've been one busy bee~ Love that hat. Glad she's wearing it!