Friday, January 25, 2008

A snoozy kind of day.

What is it about January that causes me to want to hibernate? I have the occasional frenzied crafting or cooking or cleaning o the library bout but mostly I read or listen to music or just watch old movies. Today was like that. I did a few loads of clothes and made supper, but that was about as energetic as I got. I don't expect that things will change much this weekend Joe's in Syracuse and it's cold outside and well, just seems like a better idea to drink tea and stay in my PJs all day then to expend too much energy..Don't you agree?
I did walk though. I got some wonderful books at the library today:
Love In The Time Of Cholera by G.G. Marquez
Vintage Face by A. Bjork & D. Turudich
The Spectrum By Dean Ornish
Alligators Old Mink & New Money by Alison & Melissa Houtte
Simple Sewing With A French Twist by C. Dupuy
Lots and lots to keep me busy....but not too busy. It's January after all


Mary said...


January makes me want to hibernate too. It is not the most pleasant month here in Ontario. It has been extremely cold with winds that chill to the bone.

Loved your post. Sorry I haven't visited in a while. We were on vacation and just before that was Christmas, but am finally catching up.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Paula said...

Sounds like the perfect kind of day to me! Let me know what you think of Love In the Time of Cholera. I've been wanting to read that one~