Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, Monday...can't trust that day

Well, I do believe that today all mechanical things in this house are celebrating MLK day by not working!! My camera is at the repair shop and Gillian's is out of batteries. I cannot get the button maker to work right to save my life and I accidentally sucked up a plastic bag into Joe's workshop vaccuum gizmo and he's going to KILL ME when he finds out. Sigh.

It is FREEZING outside. I mean really, really freezing. The wind chill is some ugly one digit number...makes me shiver just to think of it. Brrrrrrrrrr

We have had the pleasure of the company of three young visitors this weekend. The Avila kids spent the weekend and will be going home today. I have baked and cooked and washed dishes all weekend long. I thought I would take it easy tomorrow, but come to find out 2 of my children do not have midterms next week, so they will be home ALL WEEK.

Did you watch the games yesterday??? I cannot abide Tom Brady and I had hoped to see the Packers stomp the pats in the Super Bowl, but, as you probably know by now, they themselves were beaten by the NY Giants (who can believe that???? A wild card team in the Super Bowl?)

If I have to choose I choose the Giants, but really, I'll just be watching it for the commercials. That's quite often the best part anyway.

One thing I did do is put new batteries in the bathroom scale. OUCH! I was down 3 lbs, but I had to start getting down to business if I am going to look good for our vacation this summer!! So, I am not cheating on what I eat and I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and I am getting ready to do 1/2 exercise tape now, too. Did you know that on "The Biggest Loser" They want those people to exercise for at least 2 hours a day at home???? I gotta get in at least an hour in! Anyway. I am serious this more excuses! I am going back down to my "normal weight" and getting healthy. I'll let you know how it goes.

I made cookies from the Martha Stewart recipe for the kids. They really are good! The recipe is on the side bar. Try them next time you make sugar cookies. (I use almond extract for a little flavoring) I also tried a gel food coloring. WOW! I don't think I'll be going back to the old fashioned kind. This stuff is really great a little dab and lots of vivid color! Try it and see what you think.

Well, time to do the crunchs (YUK!) and the (surprise) I need to get started on supper. You know life is full of these cruel ironies....


Kerri said...

I hope your Tuesday goes better :) I'm not liking this arctic weather, are you? I don't even want to stick my big toe out the door. My MB hat kept my head nice and warm at least when I went out to feed the birds this morning.
How lucky to see a whole flock of robins! I hope they've found shelter from this deep freeze!

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of boycotting the SuperBowl this year for the very same reason. We just aren't Tom Brady fans, but even more we aren't Bill Belichick fans. So disappointed the Packers lost.

brenda said...

Sounds like you angered the 'small appliance god'! Hope things go better for you!
As for the football, I hate Tom Brady and Eli Manning is a brat. Maybe they'll knock heads in the first few minutes and miss the game! he-he Evil thought! I am sure we'll watch but like you said, the commercials will be the best part. No comment on dieting. I love to eat too much!