Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gilli and the Blustery Day

Today we had very, very gusty winds. It was so bad that trash cans were flying all over the neighborhood! Not only that, but Gilli's school was closed due to a power outage (That does seem to happen whenever there's a bad windstorm). Anyway, Gilli stayed home and her brother wept and wailed at the unfairness of it all...why couldn't there schools have lost power too??? Poor babies....

The first order of business was to put away the Christmas tree. The living room looks a little empty now without it, but I hope to find a little table to put in that same place so we can leave a chess board set up.

While putting the Christmas decoration away I found a box of these glass shelves under the stairs in the basement. I know the photo is dark (I'm using Gilli's camera here...our camera if out for repairs) But how cool was that??? I have several ideas on what to do with them. Gillian wants a couple of shelves in her room so she can display her little angel statues.

Next, I had to finish the border in the master bath. I hung some Eucalyptus over the light fixture. I like the way it smells and it hides the not so masterful job I did trying to put the border up in that area!!

Next, we walked down to the store. Windstorm or not, we were out of cat litter and there are just some things you can't do without!!! At least the sun was out.

I got the kids' bathroom painted too. I like how it turned out, only I have to go back over the top edge tomorrow. Still, it looks a lot nicer then just plain, yucky off white. The kids liked it anyway and that's what really counts.

By the time I got this done and the light hung over Jimmy's bed and the brownies made (after school snack) and the spaghetti done I was I watched Funny Face with Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn. Gillian loved it!!! And so did her mom. Audrey was so wonderful! And Fred was no slouch either.

I got my letters posted and my appointments made and accomplished a ton of other "half-finished projects"....All this and the unexpected treat of an "extra" day with my daughter. How cool is that?


Kim said...

WOW you've been busy !!!!!!!

Susan said...

You did all that in one day? I'm impressed. Wish you could send some of that motivation my way!

Susie Q said...

Now THAT is a great day!!
I spy a cool Chicago picture/poster too! Oh how I loved them!

I LOVE Funny Face! I just got it on DVD and hope to watch it with Grace this weekend.
I am so hoping she will love it as I do!

I love Kay Thompson in it too and Grace will be surprised to know that it was Kay who wrote the Eloise books!! Grace LOVES Eloise!

Now, I better get back to work! You have inspired me!