Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Look what I found!!!

Joey was ill today, so I took him in to see the doctor this afternoon. On the way there I saw this mirror we a huge "free" sign on it. So on the way home, I stopped and put it in the mini van. Isn't it lovely?

Look at the pretty detail! I love finding free stuff!


Paula said...

Great find! Whatcha gonna do with it? Leave it as is, paint it?
Looks like it's got wonderful detail in the frame.

Terri said...

My living room is rather dark, so I want to put mirrors on the far wall to reflect the light and brighten up the room. I'll take another photo and insert it in that entry when I get it hung.
And no, I think I'll leave it that gold color. I kind of like it!
Garish, hu? LOL

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a wonderful find, Terri! It's very pretty. I love the detailed frame too.