Sunday, December 30, 2007

Calling all Jane Austin lovers....

While perusing a favorite blog of mine, Laura's Miscellaneous musings, I was delighted to discover that Masterpiece Theater will be producing several Jane Austin pieces beginning in January. What a wonderful way to start the new year!!!

The link to the complete article from the New York Times as well as a link to Laura's always interesting blog are below.

Laura's blog:

New York Times:


Mama P said...

Hi there - Thank you for visiting my blog.

I know of some other Jane Austen-ite bloggers, but of course I'm having some brain meltdowns now. I will try to remember to post later. Or ask me.

Five kids? I love it. I have two, but have always wanted more. It's not happening in this lifetime, so I will live vicariously through other larger families (and make the best of what I have. It's not what we don't have, but what we DO that counts, right?)

Take care. Off to watch the YouTube video and most likely cry....

Laura said...

Thank you for the very kind comments! So glad to know you enjoy the blog. :)

I'm looking forward to Jane Austen too!

Happy New Year,