Thursday, November 15, 2007

I like this sentiment

"I did [Dancing with the Stars] initially for my kids," she said of her still-going reality-show stint. "But for women who find themselves like me, a single mom, you know, at is not over. I would rather climb a mountain than crawl in a hole."
Marie Osmond


Anonymous said...

I agree, a beautiful, positive outlook on life.

Diane H

Heidi said...

I tried to leave a comment days ago on the Osmonds on Oprah. I sure hope we get that episode here. I too love the Osmonds! I loved Donny as a little girl and wanted to marry him. :) I later watched each and every episode of The Donny and Marie Osmond Show. Weren't those the days! I got to see them live in Toronto once and they are just so great together.

Hugs ~