Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jimmy's concert

Last night Joe and I attended the fall concert at our son's middle school. (the video is Jim's choir singing. Admittedly they are a little short on "man power", but if you listen carefully you can make out Jim's voice!) I have to say, it's been a long time...well o.k. never...since I have enjoyed a concert as much as the one given last night. Oh sure the singing is always o.k.and sometimes even really good, but the bands are usually...ummm....not great.

This time we both enjoyed all the elements, but especially the orchestra. WONDERFUL! I wish one of mine would stay in band or orchestra, but as of right now I only have one taking lessons. Though 2 of the boys are in "bands"...I just am not sure if what they play is music! LOL!


Mary said...

I always enjoy concerts when kids are putting them on. They are so proud of themselves and put forth such a great effort to entertain us. Thanks so much for sharing.


Lara said...

DH teaches middle school and high school orchestra and I am always so amazed at what he pulls out of those kids! Your son did an awesome job with his choir!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love these school events too. The kids are always so sort of nervous and proud of themselves, all at once.
Thank you for sharing.