Friday, September 21, 2007

Things I've been thinking about in the news lately

I read the news on line quite a bit. Here are some questions I would like to see answered.

#1) Why hasn't the justice department stepped in to investigate the judge and DAs offices in Jena, LA by now??? If this isn't racism in all it's ugliness, I don't know what is.

#2) Why is it o.k. for the Rev. Jackson to say someone is "acting white"? If anyone ever went on the national news and said he was "acting black" all hell would break loose. Racism is racism and it works both ways. Leaders and Christians especially should be more careful about the words they use ....especially in front of the press. #3) Enabled all her life(by parents who essentially made their fortunes off the sweat of their children's' brows and hangers on both paid and unpaid) to be the spoiled, drug using, out of control brat she has become ....makes me wonder who the family court system in CA is protecting....because it's certainly not those babies.

#4) Speaking of California: First it was OJ, then it was Robert Blake, now it looks as if Phil Spector will get off scot free after murdering someone. What is it with those people in the jury pool out there???? Are they completely out of their minds, or what???

#5)On the other side of the country, we have Columbia University, giving Ahmadinejad (He is currently running Iran, almost as a dictatorship) a platform to spout evil. Would they have invited Hitler to share his views? Dear God in heaven, people, evil is evil! You wanna know what he thinks? Buy a newspaper and read it. Don't promote his despicable agenda by selling freakin' tickets!!!!! You're supposed to be leaders in Education, not indoctrination!!!! Where are the alum protests????

#6) Mary Winkler murders her husband. Does 2 months in jail and now wants custody of her children back. Is she kidding???? Instead of divorce, she chooses to murder the father of her children....oh, yeah...She gonna be a great role model for the 3 daughters. PLEASE!!

There are many things in this life that we cannot control. We can't stop Hurricanes from striking ...but we could certainly reasonably expect an accounting when BILLIONS of dollars in aid is sent and the rebuilding process is still in disarray YEARS later. And then having the nerve to complain to the FEDERAL government that no one is helping or cares about them (HEY! NEW ORLEANS!!! You folks need to take a look a little closer to home!!!)
We should reasonably be able to expect that a murder or a child rapist, when given LIFE in prison should actually spend the rest of his life in prison.
We should expect that if our legislators work TOGETHER for the good of the NATION, not the good of the PARTY. (Is it too much to ask that the maturity level in congress be elevated to at least 30, from it's current level of approximately that of a hormonal 12 year old???)
Good manners and the golden rule should be appreciated and applauded. Not ridiculed in the press and on films and television. Does Hollywood really think the rest of the country thinks like they do?
Finally, we should expect parents to guide and love their children as they raise them. If they aren't willing to do the work, why did you have them in the first place?? Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!!! (This goes double for those celebrities who buy babies. Show business isn't known for it's stable life style in the first place!! What are these family courts thinking??? Money = happy life? If they are that stupid, they need to be off the bench in the first place).
Now, I am done ranting. I am shutting of the new channel and I am going to work of some of my frustrations first at Curves and then at home where my job is to make a happy home for my family. Not a news worthy job, to be sure, yet, ironically, perhaps THEY most essential and important job there could possibly be in a world as crazy as this. Amen. Thus ends the sermon.

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Paula said...

Exactly! Have you thought of writing your own newspaper? I would definately subscribe!