Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The one thing I really miss about being single

When I was single, I could schedule 3 or 4 days off in a row, load up on videos, books and chocolate ice cream and just stay in my apartment and vegetate. It was wonderful. I could stay in or go out. Sleep or stay up all night. I could even not (gasp!) take a shower if I didn't feel like it! I could be a bum.
Now, nearly 20 years and 5 children later, this is not so easy to achieve. First of all they always insist on being fed! Every morning! If you can believe that. One time, I tried getting up, making pancakes, bacon and orange juice and going back to bed. One of my little darlings went to school and promptly announced that his stomach hurt and he sure was hungry because Mom was still in bed and didn't make breakfast. I guess the pancakes and bacon were just an early morning snack!!
Though because of the easy accessibility to schools, church and shopping I am spending much less time running around in the afternoons and evenings, this is not the case for the mornings. Not only do I make a hearty, stick-to-their-ribs breakfast every morning (well, nearly every morning) I am required to haul certain of them to early morning athletic activities. Even that isn't so bad, only I can't even go from there to workout, because this Curves doesn't open as early as my old one.
In the vast scheme of things, I know this is incredibly trivial. I know I am sooo blessed to be able to live my dream of being a homemaker and not having to try to work 8 hours a day outside the home and juggle the cleaning, cooking and child rearing before and after work. But, I gotta tell you....Laying around in baggy jammies, eating chocolate peanut butter ice-cream while watching old movies sure sounds pretty good to me.
I wonder how much it would cost to send everyone to sleep away camp next summer????hmmmmmmmmm.................


Deanne said...

Dear Frazzeled Mama Terri, don't worry, all of them will be grown up and gone and maybe even living states away long before you are really ready to face that. You are such a good mama and wife and friend.. this life of yours is YOU. Your whole family just makes me swell with pride to know you, even if it is only on the net and snail mail! Give all those kiddos a big hug and kiss when they get home today. Love to you, Deanne
*PS That was pretty funny, that you don't feed them breakfast and stay in bed in the mornings. :))*

Anonymous said...

LOL! Kids say the darndest things!! Mine told some "new" friends of ours that I dress in all black at night and go rob banks. hahahahaha!! That wasn't so funny at the time though.

Susie Q said...

Oh how I laughed when I read what your son said. Dan did that to me when he was 10. I guess he forgot the scrambled eggs and bacon, the cantaloupe I sliced into little pieces and the blueberry muffin I had baked the night before. KIDS!!

But they grow and then do not ask for those breakfasts or rides or help with homework and we miss it so.