Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oh, I have been sort of busy..

I used to blog every day if possible, but lately, I've been falling further and further behind. It's not that I haven't found anything to talk about...just the opposite! I am overwhelmed with subject matter. Add to that the fact that I cannot for the life of me find the charger to my camera battery (which makes taking pictures impossible) I have just had to journal on paper.

I am even having a hard time keeping up with some of my favorite blog sites. It does seem as if everyone is especially busy and creative lately. Where do all you women get the time and energy??
I found a pretty good deal on china Boston Terrier Dogs on e-bay that essentially doubled my collection. Then Joe and I found a terrific farmer's market and bought a huge box of concord grapes and I canned some grape juice.

Joe trimmed some dead tree limbs in the backyard and look at the sweet wind chime he found for me! We also found two bird feeders that we didn't know were there. It's almost like a treasure hunt around here!

School started last week and all the kids are adjusting to their new schools. So far so good. This school system is reportedly one of the best in the state, so we are all excited about the opportunities the children are being offered. The facilities are nice and the teachers seem to be really on the ball. The distance to any of the 3 schools my children attend is a reasonable walking distance (at least in nice weather) but bus service is offered. It's great!

We have only a relatively few boxes left to unpack and everything is slowly coming together. The satellite dish is up in time for the start of football season. The phone company got the wireless connection thing going, so I can use my computer again. We found a parish we like. The library system is pretty good, with a branch just up the road....Happy sigh... Yep! It's all coming together. Hopefully within a week or two I will be able to get some use out of my little craft area and maybe put up a few raised beds for gardening next spring.....So many happy plans! I am a happy, happy girl!


Paula said...

Sounds to me like you've been busy and creative yourself, Canning grape juice, setting up a brand new house, and getting kids ready for a new school year. Good grief, give yourself credit here!!
My dad had a fairly large (I think it was life-size) porcelain boston terrier that sat in our living room when we were kids. I love your collection. Makes me wonder what happened to Dad's...

You had asked me about joining swaps. When I first joined a couple, I felt the same way. What if my box isn't good enough, but I've found that if you just put a little thought into it, you're partner is going to be tickled with what you send. I only join a handful a year, so that I can put some thought into them. Some people seem to have swaps coming out of their ears, but there's no way I could keep up with that. Check out the swaps over at Sweet Goodness Swaps (I'm adding them to my sidebar). They should be announcing the next one fairly soon and they're alot of fun.
Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Oooh, grape juice! I don't think I've ever had home-made. Yum.
The knives I didn't make. However, a girlfriend of mine has made one before and if you buy the real sterling, it's hollow inside with sand filling (so I hear) I "think" she used a dremel to cut it open. Hers turned out super cute, so it can be done!!

norththreads said...

oh boy this blogger doesnt like me today!!! Anyway, thanks for your nice comments on my embroidery, but ive been procrastinating all week & doing nothing!LOL

Kerri said...

You've been busy! Your new house looks gorgeous. Nice to have a pond and some established plants. And a pool and a jacuzzi!! Wow! Lucky you! Sounds like the house is very convenient to everything.
I love those street names :)
That wallpaper is so pretty in the bathroom.
I guess you'll just have to live the farm life vicariously through us LOL
Meanwhile, enjoy your new house.
I'll bet that grape juice is delicious.

Mrs. Staggs said...

It's interesting isn't it, how much more you have to blog about when you step away from the computer, from time to time?
I'm glad that you all seem to be settling in so well. I like hearing you sound happy in your new home.