Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interesting website...Who are you voting for?

My friend Diane sent me a link to a website that matches your political views with that of the candidates for president. These are my "top 3".

John McCainScore: 33
AgreeIraqTaxesStem-Cell ResearchAbortionLine-Item VetoEnergyDeath Penalty
DisagreeImmigrationHealth CareSocial SecurityMarriage

Duncan HunterScore: 33
AgreeIraqTaxesStem-Cell ResearchAbortionLine-Item VetoMarriageDeath Penalty
DisagreeImmigrationHealth CareSocial SecurityEnergy

Fred ThompsonScore: 30
AgreeIraqTaxesStem-Cell ResearchAbortionLine-Item VetoDeath Penalty
DisagreeImmigrationHealth CareSocial SecurityEnergyMarriage

Here's the link to see who is closest to your political ideal:

1 comment:

Vee said...

Hmmmm, I have never heard of Duncan Hunter and he's the one who agrees the most with me. ;>
Thanks for the link.

I've enjoyed reading your blog today.