Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Dining Room

On the far wall on either side of the window there will be book shelves. Between the shelves and under the window will be a window seat. I don't think you can tell, but on the window sill is my collection of Boston Terrier statues! The table I bought a few years ago. It can fold down to fit as a hall table or expand to set up to 12! I lucked out and found 6 chairs that go well with it and the buffet at a used furniture shop I know in Geneva. The other chairs are just going to have to do for awhile. But I believe eclectic dining combinations are "in" right now! LOL

This is a little "electric fire place". The sconce was something I literally pulled out of someone's trash! I went to the $1 store and found the glasses and put tea lights in them. I really like how it turned out. The bird on the right is my salute to the Maltese Falcon. It's actually a glass bottle (the head unscrews) that I painted black. I like that too. (I know. I'm weird! LOL)

The wall surrounding the buffet will be decorated with Blue Willow pieces. There are just so many different kinds! It's been kind of fun to find the different ones.
Again, I saw this room in a magazine and copied it as much as I could. I need to recover the chair seats and, on couple of chairs that don't exactly match, I'll make chair covers out of the same fabric. OR maybe get Joe to build me a dining bench and upholster the seat with the same fabric.
At first we were concerned that this color of yellow was too bright, but on the walls it is just what we were looking for! It is such a thrill for me to see these rooms coming together as I imagined them all those weeks of waiting for us to close on the house!


Cottage said...

Terri, everything is coming together beautifully! I love the yellow and blue willow plates!

Yes, it's looking like 'home'.


Anonymous said...

Love the little peeks into your home!!!

Susie Q said...

Yellow with Blue and white is one of the prettiest combos there is! LOVE IT! Love your things and that electric fire place! Your things are so pretty too!